TECHDaer Online Career Test Platform

Instructions for All Candidates

  1. You must not stop the session and return to it later. This is to avoid system “time out” and once this happens, you will have to regain access from the Admin to log in and continue with the exam.
  2. Read all questions carefully before responding.
  3. You have a maximum of 25mins to attempt each test paper, you be timed out as soon as you the 25mins elapsed.
  4. You must register to be able to write this test.
  5. To register, click on the Register button below and fill the form with the required information as specified.
  6. An authorization email will be sent to you by the Admin.
  7. After you have been authorized by the admin, click on the login icon, input your details and write the test(s).

Please note that these Tests have been categorized into 3 segments as listed below:

  • Category 1 Test is for candidates applying for Engineering/Technical roles.
  • Category 2 Test is for candidates applying for Non-Technical roles.
  • Category 3 Test is for candidates applying for Specific/Skilled roles.